The time the game was released, the best of the top

The time the game was released, the best of the top

This is an untruth. The original Blizzard developers admitted that not correcting the imbalance in racials had been a mistake. Every Man For Himself, a Horde player, proved this. The only people who do not really care about racial differences are those who play casually on servers that offer pve.

It's hard to believe because it's not possible for servers that pvp have a significant balance in favor of the horde across all regions. Blood elves are 1. "pretty" 2. horde, where you don't need to fight against racials. They have better racials to PVP than Draenei or their Alliance counterpart. They'll be played by people of the Ofc. Their objective was to tilt population towards horde by design and they were the sole reason that paladins received a significant buff in the beginning of vanilla TBC, while shamans were removed.

No racials these days are really inconsequential unless you're maxing out to gain an 0.5 percent advantage. He was probably referring to the fact that players from alliances are constantly slapped in the face in mythology (taking more losses than Horde and other stuff).

Many of the players also are horde as that's how most of the guilds that are major in raiding are created (unless you're oceanic, which isn't).

Meta > Friends > Lore. You can use any excuse they like to justify their choice of faction but when you get to the conclusion at the top, it's because players followed the meta and one faction was more dominant in PvP. They should have disabled racial skills for factions in PvP before the game released and the result wouldn't have been nearly as bad.

The time the game was released, the best of the top players and guilds from successful MMOs were mostly about PvE (some instances). Regarding PvE by itself, racial skills had far lesser impact than the overall impact of Paladin/Shaman talking about 40 players. The meta in this instance is Alliance. ... Now...Classic WoW...everyone knows every PvE encounter and can do these in their sleep. Many videos and guides which make them all easy and easy to master. The real "challenge" today is PvP and in the game with smaller groups, the distinction between Paladin and Shaman isn't as noticeable but the difference in racial differences is noticeable...and this is why Horde becomes the meta faction.

The idea that one side is made up of "better players" than the other is insane. Consider the steps needed to pick one side or the other. There is absolutely nothing that separates or prevents someone from picking one side or the other.

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