Face of the Franchise is a narrative base game

Face of the Franchise is a narrative base game

EA Sports introduced a new feature that was never done before on two console generations. It's been a decade since Hillis appeared on the cover of the Madden NFL series' annual game, and even longer since the game was featured on the cover of a dual-athlete.

Madden hasn't had two stars share the space that's on the cover of the game, since Madden NFL 10 which was the year when Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald and Steelers safety Troy Polumalu appeared on the front of the cover, appearing as if they were about to be thrown into each other. This choice was an ideal choice for the game that year, one built around a new mechanism that let players wrestle for a ball and to fight for extra yards -- the inches we talk about that often affect the outcome of a game.

In a stunning reversal of fan votes, Hillis was chosen to take on the role of Madden NFL 12 two years later. EA chose him as the perfect pitchman in their teaser trailer, which was released Monday. The message, which was veiled and subtle, came out on Thursday night: Hillis' goats were only stands-ins for two G.O.A.T.s.

It's a natural fit due to the Super Bowl LV matchup in which Brady's Buccaneers defeated Mahomes' Chiefs. The matchup is possibly the most prestigious matchup in Madden history. Brady is certain to be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in the event that he chooses to shed his extraordinary shoes, and with a Super Bowl triumph and Super Bowl MVP in his resume at this still-early stage of his career Mahomes is likely to be headed for Canton someday, too.

Madden might also be heading for a record year. EA Sports has taken the iconic history of the franchise and created the game. The team also brought the improvements that were made in its first next-generation release, and built on these to create Dynamic Gameday. The new emphasis is on three major areas: Gameday atmosphere and gameday momentum, in addition to artificial intelligence driven by stars.

Madden fans are set to get up and take on a game to experience brand new presentation packs which include Next Gen Stats elements and effectively capture the pageantry and thrill of an NFL match better than before. EA removed a crucial feature from its now-defunct NCAA Football games to make it more relevant. It included crowd noise that makes for an ineffective presnap for hot route paths and scrambled play art. It also immerses players in all aspects of the field action.

Face of the Franchise is a narrative base game with the traditional conversation tree feature. Users can play some games, but that is not the main goal. The idea behind this mode is to enable players to live the life that a top athlete would live through their high school years to college , and then into the pros.

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