You are aware that these urges will lessen if only

You are aware that these urges will lessen if only

Since my early years, I've been addicted to WoW for almost my entire life. When I was only six years of age, I began playing WoW. By the time I reached 12, I was playing for 10+ hours on weekends. I gained weight and spent all of my teens playing WoW. Between the ages 17-19 I began to lessen my playing and shed weight after making new acquaintances and developing a drug (marijuana habit) However, I always came back to the game every now and then, at the very least, every expansion pack of the new season.

This past Christmas break I was very involved with WoW Shadowlands. Then I deleted my account next spring. I have to say it is a bit painful to think that all of those accounts and characters are gone.. This isn't something I regret, but I regret my high-level Toons and the chance to take on one more mythic+.

I have a level 70 warlock on a brand new account that I created this summer. I've never started playing much until that stage. It took me years for me to reach the 70 level and I didn't really play any game content at all.

Now, after several months of playing console games (Pokemon and Halo MCC) with a moderate amount... WoW has been calling my name. Recently, I started to watch some WoW videos and play. I'm not able to help but consider playing the game again. All it takes is $15 and I'll get back on my TBC warlock...

This is the problem with moderation: It keep those addiction circuits running and could hinder real change which can improve your quality of life. Kind of like hibernating, the relapse always lurking just at the next corner.

Going back to WoW will cost you more than $15. It would cost you months or even weeks of time, your progress would be reset your sacrifices (deleting your account, and going through the first phases of withdrawal) are deemed to be worthless and insignificant, and you'd set yourself up for additional pain and discomfort to come. This is more than the temptation you currently struggle with.

You are aware that these urges will lessen if only you keep resisting them. Stop working and go outside. Do other things. Stop ruminating and, for the sake of God, cease watching WoW's streaming and watching videos. Don't let yourself get back to.

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