A glitch in the current-gen courts is another

A glitch in the current-gen courts is another

Choice and customisation in the creation of your squads, but falls victim to micro-transactions when you've run out of the initial tickets required for participation in this mode. This is a total blunder and exacerbates the overall frustration that MyTeam has evolved into in recent years.

Also, it is important to know that, much like the other VC glitches across the NBA 2K series, it's possible that using these techniques with a clear intention could get your account removed. These sanctions were given by 2K in an easier way than normal recently.

There is a risk to risk your life by using any non-approved method to obtain VC. This means that we do not have any responsibility for disciplinary measures that could result by leveraging these flaws. We have all the bases covered, let's focus on the best part.

After the release of NBA 2K22 players discovered they could obtain easy VC when they quit the new version of the game as the first game at Brickley's Gym was about to end. This is still technically feasible thanks to the most recent update to 2K22. However, there's an additional issue. To be able to get your VC and badge progress from the game, you need to win each time.

Then, go to MyCareer. Make sure you're on a brand new profile. You can talk to the NPC within the building, and you can start your first game. Once your badge progress is been loaded, you are able to exit the game.

Load back in, and instantly speed up travel by hitting the right bumper. If the glitch is fixed right, you'll see that it's still playing as if you've never played it. However, you'll still be able to keep the badge progress or VC you earned from the previous victory. Play the first game and continue to win. Enjoy the rewards.

A glitch in the current-gen courts is another easy VC method that's been being noticed in 2K over the last few hours. This glitch works best on 10k VC courts. But, it can be utilized on any court in the event of need.

Geminus's video highlights that the principal trick involves a complete absence of court space and plenty of coordination. The two teams must be loaded in , and as soon when your player's name changes white after all players are present, wait for five minutes and let one team of three quit the game together.

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