The above entries are examples of typical pures

The above entries are examples of typical pures

MINIGAMES GENERAL OVERVIEW. A lot of Old School RuneScape players are not aware of the concept behind minigames created by Jagex. They were designed a many years ago to offer the players of Gielinor brief tasks they could complete to earn various rewards.

Minigames revolve around the notion of being short and not time consuming. A majority of them also include built-in puzzles, which require the completion of a certain objective. Rewards are usually in the form of experience lamps and smaller objects. If you see a an orange star on the map which looks like a quest icon, but with a different color - this is an indication that Minigame is available in that location. The primary distinction between Minigame and the Quest is that first one can be completed at any time the players desire.

A character that has high Ranged and Defence levels. Getting additional points in Defence lets those players use Barrows equipment. They typically aim for at least 94 Magic to use Vengeance in an engagement. To compensate for high levels of Ranged, Defence and magic, these characters generally cut down on their Attack, Strength, and Prayer skills.

It's a member's variation in the game Rune Pure. As items of the dragon tier require 60 defence and 60 attack these stats are required to play Dragon Pure. The usual speed in the build would be Dragon Scimitar and a Dragon Dagger (p++) for an additional excitement factor that is created by its special attack. Those who want to add more spice to this design can choose Dragon Claws special attack.

And lastly not least, we have a Barrows account in this list. Much like the name suggests it utilizes the Barrows device, which needs 70 Defense. Another stat that's typically upgraded is Prayer and is set at 70 when it comes to the Piety prayer. Strength and Attack levels need to be increased so that the player will be capable of wearing items like Dharok's Greataxe.

As these accounts usually max almost everything except for Defence and Prayer, they aren't as restricted than other pures. A majority of people who choose this path for their accounts are managing them. That means they make use of PvE content and other attributes that go beyond combat capabilities.

The above entries are examples of typical pures which are commonly used among Old School RuneScape players. While they are great in the game of player against players, there's alternative ways to create characters that are more efficient. If you're interested in creating your own pure persona, you'll have to decide what factors are crucial in your eyes and those that are not.

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