Security World Inc

Security World Inc

  • 31.12.2018
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Address: 7676 Hillmont Suite 106 Houston TX, 77040
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Founded almost 30 years ago, Security World Inc. has grown from a small storefront offering “do it yourself” security solutions for home and business in Houston, Texas to the full service installation and monitoring corporation we are today. Out of our founder and General Manager's desire to provide the best service and equipment at the lowest price, Security World Inc. has made its mark in the security business. We have stayed on top of industry trends in monitoring and reporting while also keeping a close eye on technological innovations that may benefit our customers. Over the years our staff has provided great service, world class products and timely education for our customers and security conscious people in general. We have worked with the Houston Better Business Bureau to develop educational materials as well appearing in various media (television, radio, print) as an ongoing effort to inform the public about security systems and how they might benefit from them.

7676 Hillmont Suite 106 Houston TX, 77040




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