If the players have gotten access to that Lost City waypoint

If the players have gotten access to that Lost City waypoint

Almost every serious player has Lightning Sorceress built on their character list. Why? Because it's one of the fastest methods of clearing units in the game. For farming runes and other items, it's helpful to have one available, even if it's likely to be used to benefit other characters.

If the players have gotten access to that Lost City waypoint, they can travel to it from town, and then hunt for the randomly generated route to The Valley of Snakes. Once in the valley, seek out it's Claw Viper Temple, which includes statues of snake-like beasts on the inside of the entrance. All this searching can be somewhat frustrating This is the reason why having a better map is among of the top fixes Diablo 2: Resurrected needs.

Ending The Quest.When The Claw Viper Temple is found, the players need to do two things: destroy the Serpent Altar, and also find the Horadric Amulet. The altar is destroyed and will release the amulet for everyone in the party. The altar is located at the second level of the Claw Viper Temple and is protected by Fangskin.

Kill the intruder, demolish the altar, grab the amulet, and then head back to town to construct Horadric Staff. You can also store the amulet at the Stash until the staff has been found. Once all three pieces have been located, you can put the amulet as well as the shaft in the Horadric Cube and press transmute. This is one of many practical Horadric Cube recipes to remember. The players can now go into Tal Rasha's Tomb in Diablo 2: Resurrected to finish Act 2.

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