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MainPoster.com Home page displays 30 new messages that were added. Everytime when this number is reached we post a new article in NEWS section with links to those 30 messages. Same announcement is posted at our Facebook page. You can Like our page on Facebook to stay updated. On each page of MainPoster.com all visitors can find "Share" buttons to spread the word about your add.


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It is very important for us to provide our Users and Visitors with correct and accurate information. Therefore we check each post and classified ads, if something is missing our Admin can add website link, screenshot (if applicable), tags, adjust a category. For the same reason on October 1, 2018 we have made an important change. Since many Users were entering the Country that they targeting instead of their own location, or their Business location, the Country list was changed. Because it was confusing and misleading for website Visitors. Therefore the Country list for "Choose a region" dropdown menu was changed to "World Wide Web" only.


There is an address field that can be filled when Users create a new Post. So Users should enter a real address here, including their Country. Targeted markets, territory of service and other information should be listed in the text field.

Official statement available here: Mainposter.com will change the Country list


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