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Starting October 1, 2018 will change the Country list.

Since many users entering the Country that they targeting instead of using their own location, or their Business location, the Country list must be changed. Otherwise it will be confusing and misleading for website visitors. Therefore the Country list for "Choose a region" dropdown menu was changed to "World Wide Web" only.

There is an address field that can be filled when users create a new Post. So users should enter a real address here, including Country. Targeted markets, territory of service and other information should be listed in the text field.

All previously published posts will be edited and updated accordingly by our Admin, so you do not have to do a thing.

What is a Quick Change act?


What is a Quick Change act?

First of all Quick Change act is a magic trick that involves fast costume change. Quick-change act is a performance related to professional entertainment. It requires many years of practice and usually performed by magician and a partner. Most of quick change acts requires an assistant to speed up the process of changing props or sets on stage throughout the act. The faster illusion of costume change - the better quality of the act is.


Where can I post free classified ads?


If you search google about classified ads you probably will lost in many different websites. The results will show you hundreds pages and you will never get the right one. is the only website on the web where you can post free classified ads related to entertainment, fashion and art. It's absolutely free to post classified ads. Each classified ad will get personal URL on the ad board, Personal Listing or Business Listing sections and with only one click you can shere it on any social network with your friends or send this page via email.


How to reset my password to my personal account at


This question was asked by Annie and probably this article will be useful for many users who would like to reset password to personal account at

"Hi! I need to reset my password but for some reason, my email account that was used for registration is not recognized when I send in a message to reset my password and when I try to register again, it then says that my email is already used for registration. Please help."


End of career means end of income? No way!


A lot of people used to say that models can’t do anything but modeling. OK.

Let's see, five top models that became mega millionaires after they quit the runway.

Gisele Bündchen after ending her modeling career could become, as many others, a business lady.


Hollywood millionaires. How much big star makes per movie?


With technology going further and special effects become more sophisticated, no one can exclude actors from the movies. Even though their salary is not surprising Hollywood anymore, but does it mean they poorly paid for the job? Recent survey of Hollywood producers, agents and executives showed that several actors are earning a pretty good pay of $20 million a picture. This magic number of super star salaries was reached by Kevin Costner, Mel Gibson and Tom Cruise back in 1990's.


125 years of Tango celebration with new exhibit at National Museum of Dance in Saratoga Springs


Have you ever wonder how old the Tango is? This Saturday, March 21, National Museum of Dance invites visitors to its opening reception dedicated solely to most seductive, passionate and popular dance style - Argentine Tango. The exhibit 125 Years of Tango: A Walk Through the History of the Dance is open to the public and will be housed in the Washington Bathhouse in Saragota Springs, New York.

Take a journey through the history of amazing Tango. This event is absolutely free and will feature costumes, artifacts and historical details, music, live music provided by Bronte Entertainment, tango demonstrations, Tango dancing, cocktails and hors d'oeuvres.


How much fabric you need for aerial hammock?


To choose the length for your aerial hammock you can measure your hammocks out based on height of the rigging point. Usually it recommend for your hammocks to use a standard 7 yards of fabric, it's about 6.5 meters. Next you have to adjust the rig points higher or lower by using daisy chains or other means of adjustment.

To rig your hammock at home for trainings you may decide that you need only 4 yards of fabric, approximately 4 meters. The calculation really depends on your ceiling height and should be based on rigging points availability. But, even though it might seems a lot, it better to order 7 yards of fabric anyway, because you will have enough fabric to tie the knots required to safely rig your hammock.


How stretchy the fabric for aerial silks should be?


You can choose two fabric types for your aerial performance - low stretch or stretch. For aerialist who just a beginners and have to practice with ceilings less than 13ft (about 4 meters), it's always better to work with low stretch fabric. You do not need medium stretch fabric if you just learning the aerial silks and you do not have high rig points.

With higher rigging points, higher ceilings you will begin working with longer drops and falls, roll ups, flyings, probably it's the time when you may prefer the medium stretch fabric, because it will give you a nice smooth bounce during performance.


Which type of carabiners to choose for aerial act rigging? Autolocking or screwgate carabiners?


You can choose for your aerial silks rigging autolocking or screwgate carabiners. It will not have any influence on performance and basically only your personal choice. But anyway it has several differences.

Any aerialist would say that screw gate carabiners are safer to rig and leave alone if you do not have to move your apparatus or detach your silks. Also they are strong, more secure because have fewer moving parts.

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