Advertise - Free Online Directory and Ad Board with instant link approval. Post information about your website and add your link for free in Business Listing, Personal Listing or use our free Ad Board for Classified Ads with special offers. You can post information about your website, add your link, 5 photos or screen shots, Address, Phone, price for product or service, YouTube video and up to 10 tags for search engines.

All posts or ads on Main Poster are sorted in the order they are received, with the most recent post at the top of the list. With Main Poster you have several options to make your posts more visible to visitors. Any service you purchase is in US Dollars and is valid for 24 hours.

Once you have registered and published your information, follow these two steps in your Control Panel to start advertising with Main Poster.

1) Select - "Top-up" your account option. Please, follow the instructions on the payment page to add funds to your account (Visa, MasterCard and Liqpay are accepted). After making a payment, you will receive a confirmation email. In Control Panel you can check the available balance on your account. Main Poster does not charge any fees on funds transferred to your account, however, we do not have any information regarding any fees that may be charged by your card issuer.
2) Select - "Order a Service" option.

You can order any service for a maximum of 30 (thirty) days and minimum of 5 (five) days. After you top-up your personal account, you will be able to order a service, advertise your posts, or start your promotional campaign with the funds available in your account. You can see your balance and orders history at your Control Panel.

Advertising service.

Advertising service with Main Poster allows your ad to be shown higlighted with a border, displayed at the top of the list, or dispalyed in the ad unit. All these options will work in the applicable subcategory of a posted ad. For example: if you post your information to "Business Listing / Agencies / Dancers" - your information will be advertised in the exact same subcategory. Advertisement with news or article will be posted in News section of the website.

Banners are the most powerful forms of advertising. By using our Banner Advertising service, your information will be displayed on each page of the website.

The following options will allow you to advertise within the subcategory where your post or ad was published. You can order any service for maximum of thirty (30) days and minimum of five (5) days.

  • Highlight an ad.
    0.20 USD per one (1) day.
    The advertisement will be highlighted with the border.
  • Raising ad.
    0.40 USD per one (1) day.
    The ad will be displayed in the list as the very first. Raised ads will also be sorted by date and time the service was bought in descending order— the advertisement with the most recently purchased service will be at the top.
  • Output in the ad unit.
    0.60 USD per one (1) day.
    The ad will be displayed in the ad unit above the list and above raised ads. Ads in the ad unit will also be sorted according to the time when the service was purchased, with latest at the top. If more than five ads were ordered to be displayed in the ad unit in the same subcategory the ads will rotate randomly amongst all the ads outputed in the ad unit.

The following options will allow you to advertise with a banner on every page of the website. You can order any service for maximum of thirty (30) days and minimum of five (5) days.

The banner must be in JPEG, GIF or Flash format, up to 100 Kb in size. You can choose the location of the banner.

To order this service please contact us via email.

  • Top banner 728x90.
    6.00 USD per one (1) day.
  • Side banner 250x250 the top one.
    5.00 USD per one (1) day.
  • Side banner 250x250 the lower one.
    4.00 USD per one (1) day.

The following option will allow you to publish your news or article in News section.

To order this service please contact us via email.

  • Publish the news.
    5.00 USD for 1 article published.
    All news will be sorted in the order the service was purchased, with the most recently placed order on top.

How do I pay for advertising?

When you post your information at Main Poster you can see your posts in your Main Poster Control Panel. After you top-up your account you can see available balance in US dollars. From here the process is straightforward. Please select “Order a Service” option in the Control Panel. First you select the advertising option, select how many days you want to advertise your ad for (maximum is thirty (30) days) and select the ad you would like to advertise. Press "Calculate" to see the total amount. You will see a summary of your order. If everything is correct, press "Order". If you change your mind, you can always select "Cancel". You will receive a confirmation email when order is complete. Important: if your ad violates Main Poster terms of use, your ad will be removed from the website. Please note there are absolutely no refunds once you have purchased an advertise option. All sales of Advertising options are final. Also there are absolutely no refunds on any unused funds that are available on your account. Occasionally, we will provide free account " top-ups" to random Main Poster users. We do not have access to any user’s Personal Account data, aside from the total available balance on the user’s account.

Pay systems at Main Poster.

Checkout system at Main Poster provided by Interkassa.

We accept payments with VISA, MASTERCARD or LIQPAY.

Main Poster does not charge any fees for adding funds to your account; however, you should consult your credit card issuer regarding any other fees they may or may not charge for this type of transaction. If your bank does not charge any fees for online transactions, you will not incur any additional fees when using Main Poster.

Additional Terms for Advertising.

These additional terms, in addition to the Website’s Terms of Use, cover usage of Advertising:

As proof of payment for Advertising, Main Poster will only issue an “Order Confirmation” that you will see at the end of the ordering process and a confirmation email.
If, for some reason, whether technical or otherwise, your ad is not displayed with the advertising option you chose, Main Poster's only obligation is to place your ad in the selected area as soon as it is possible for us to do so.
Our billing is handled by a third party service (Interkassa etc.).
It is at Main Poster's sole discretion, any Ads which are offensive, pornographic in nature, spam (including duplicate listings), potential scams, or advertisements infringing any copyright laws will not be featured and the payment for these ads will not be refunded.