Sponsored: Chemo is not helping, every day my Lev condition only gets worse

Sponsored: Chemo is not helping, every day my Lev condition only gets worse

Chemo is not helping, every day my Lev's condition only gets worseFUND NOW.

When 3-year-old Lev got cancer for the first time we gave it everything we could. We sold our house and we used all our savings.
We did everything to make him get better. And he recovered. He almost got back to how he was before cancer.
But now that cancer is back again, we have nothing more to give in order to save our son.
I'm Natalia, Lev's mother.
Can you imagine a 3-year-old boy fighting with stage 4 cancer for the second time already???  His entire life he has been fighting cancer.

I just see him fading away in front of my eyes. The first time around we somehow managed to get through it. But that's it…
We're too exhausted. We don’t have the strength anymore, we don’t have the money. Now for the second time, Lev's body has become accustomed to chemo and no longer responds to treatments.
Now he needs immunotherapy treatments, these are more focused, more accurate treatments. And ... much more expensive.
I don't even know how to start raising the money. But I also can't think of losing my son. He is my whole life, if he dies, there will be no meaning to my life.
I will not be able to bear it if he dies because of money and not because of cancer.
I don't know how to ask people for money, we have always worked very hard to support our family, and we sold everything, including our house to take care of Lev.
But I know as a mother, that I will do everything to make him better.
So I have to ask for help.
You are our last chance to save Lev.


Chemo is not helping, every day my Lev's condition only gets worse

The Rachashei Lev non-profit is raising funds for Lev's treatment in Israel Europe and the US.

The Israeli campaign
The US  campaign
The EU Campaign
Rachashei Lev Website

bank transfer information:
Bank name: Chase
Account #: 723518101
ABA for Direct Deposit or ACH: 021202337
ABA for wire transfers 021000021
swift code for U.S. dollars: CHASUS33
Beneficiary's Name: Friends of Rachashei Lev
or Israel Cancer Centers
Bank address: 627 Cedar Ln, Teaneck NJ 07666
It should be noted in the transfer note - for lev
Please note: After you have made your donation, please send us an email to ravmarcus@gmail.com
with the bank reference, your full name, address and phone number so we can send you a receipt.
United States Payable to: Friends of Rachashei Lev 492-c Cedar Ln, #184 Teaneck, NJ 07666 USA U.S.A. Federal Tax ID #: 20-0379354
US Charitable donations processed for this campaign are received and distributed through Rachashei Lev, a fully registered Tax-Exempt charity 501(c)3, EIN #: 20-0379354.
Contact details: Shimi Gesheid, Manager
When it is decided that the fund is no longer needed for lev, its remaining funds will be designated for activity of the "nonprofit organization" – for the benefit of children with cancer in the framework of the organization's activities.