End of career means end of income? No way!

End of career means end of income? No way!

A lot of people used to say that models can’t do anything but modeling. OK.

Let's see, five top models that became mega millionaires after they quit the runway.

Gisele Bündchen after ending her modeling career could become, as many others, a business lady.

Numerous models are ready to start their new work in related business fields of entertainment, fashion, art or public relations and even politics. It appears that for a lot of models main reason to start their modeling career is to get their face and name more recongnizable, if possible famous, but to benefit from it when they decided to start their own brand and real business can start. Let’s see several bright examples.


Heidi Klum

Model from Germany got famous after her swimsuit pictures were published on the cover of the Sports magazine and amazing glory as a Victoria's Secret "angel". Today she is 41 turned from an angel to a businesswoman. Klum works as a producer and a host of the world known TV show "Project Runway" and even has won an Emmy award for her endeavor. On QVC she launched a jewelry line, created design of Birkenstock footwear and made a Jordache clothing, also she represented a Barbie toy line as an ambassador. She became a judge of another TV project "America's Got Talent". Estimation of her year income calculated by Forbes showed $20 millions.



The inspiration of world famous designers such as Halston, Versace, Calvin Klein, a Somali-born Iman was also the most loved model of best photographers in fashion industry. Now she is 59 and become well known in cosmetics industry as a pioneer, thinking of African-American women and creating a custom-made brand for them. Many biggest retailers started to fill their stores with her product. Her annual sales topped $25 millions. Also she extended her business interest creating collection for HSN. Despite she is saying it's not that easy for a model to find her place in corporate world and to do business with people who do not take models seriously.


Cindy Crawford

USA model from Illinois during her career got the biggest pay for modeling in the world of $6.5 millions a year. At 49 Cindy decided to take a closer look into furniture business. Her brand was on kitchen tables and cabinets, living room sets and decorations. Big impact on her revenue was made by her participation in creation of cosmetics. She helped to build up a products for Meaningful Beauty with top sales of $175 millions each year. She always put her personal signature and style to everything she does and her success completely depends on her knowledge of her own brand.


Kathy Ireland

Another American model from California had a big and impressive line in her professional resume with thirteen appearances in a row covering her image in a swimsuit of Sports magazine. But after she end up her modeling career, Kathy at age of 52 got mega rich with estimated fortune of $350 millions. Her brand name "Kathy Ireland Worldwide" can be found ob pretty much anything like furniture, clothing or towels. Kathy dedicated herself to the business with constant presence at big promotional events supporting, for example, new stores that will be open and will sell her products.


Tyra Banks

And definitely we could not to mention one more American model from California. Tyra was a full-time model shining as original Victoria's Secret angel. At age of 41 everyone knows her as a person who started another famous TV show "America's Next Top Model" on UPN/The CW. Also she was a host with incredible personality of her own talk show that has won Emmy award. This show gotta got back this year according her own information posted on Instagram.And it's impossible to forget that she was appearing in many movies like "Coyote Ugly", "Love Stinks" also in "Hannah Montana: The Movie". According to New York Times she was a bright author of the young adult best seller novel "Modelland". Also her business was going to world wide web with a website dedicated to beauty. After her success in business Tyra decided that it's not enough and went to the lessons at Harvard Business School several years ago. Her estimated net worth was showing that she is doing pretty well in business with $90 millions on her account.