YUMI Lashes Australia

YUMI Lashes Australia

  • 21.01.2020
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Address: 18 Hardy Street South Yarra VIC 3141
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YUMI™ Lashes was established by Swiss Derma-Pigmentologist and permanent makeup expert artist, as a sumptuous replacement of eyelash extensions, fake eyelashes, false lashes and growth serums. Sandra has been committed to the idea of enhancing natural beauty ever since with a help of YUMI™ Lashes treatment. YUMI™ Lashes a groundbreaking solution for professionals and a superior way of enhancing natural beauty of eyelashes in a painless, safe and non-invasive way, without lash extensions or fake eyelashes, aligning its core principles with growing popularity of a natural look. Our procedure is fundamentally different from all previously used treatments for eyelashes. YUMI™ Lashes are are way more elegant solution than fake eyelashes, this is a keratin lash enhancement.


18 Hardy Street South Yarra VIC 3141






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