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Because higher traffic than usual,ten new OSRS Game Worlds have been added to the game temporarily. Here you could read the details for more information on these new game worlds.

Reason for add new OSRS Game Worlds

Earlier this week the develop team published an update to the community in which discussed how the COVID-19 situation would affect Jagex. Due to COVID-19,the develop team was going to be shifting to an entirely remote development studio.Every member of the Old School team is now able to work from home.The game worlds are experiencing higher traffic than usual, likely as a result of increasing levels of social distancing. The team want to ensure your playing experience remains unaffected, so they are going to temporarily open ten new game worlds.

These ten game worlds may be removed in the future if the level of traffic decrease.

Details of ten new OSRS Game Worlds

Here you could learn detailed information on new Game Worlds for different regions with the requirement:

Region World Number Requirement United Kingdom 363 2200 Skill total United Kingdom 511 No requirement United Kingdom 512 No requirement United States 443 No requirement United States 446 No requirement United States 489 No requirement United States 490 No requirement Germany 463 No requirement Germany 464 No requirement Australia 534 No requirement

Please continue to listen to expert advice – be sure to regularly wash your hands for 20 seconds (just hum to yourself the first four bars of Sea Shanty 2 if you need help) and to follow the advice outlined by your government. In addition, you could buy rs gold from RS3gold site.

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