Vocal school in Brooklyn NY. Grace Music Studio NY

Vocal school in Brooklyn NY. Grace Music Studio NY

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Price: 55
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Address: New York, NY, USA
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Private Voice Lessons Private voice lessons consist of two components:  technique and repertoire.

TECHNIQUE The first half of the lesson is spent on exercises that warm up the vocal instrument.  Most of the exercises are based on bel canto (“beautiful singing”) technique, a system of exercises that has been used to develop the singing voice since the 19th Century.

REPERTOIRE The second half of the lesson is devoted to working on songs.  All styles of music are taught – pop, rock, jazz, musical theater, classical, etc.  The ultimate goal with a voice student is to teach them how to sing well in every style.  Students work on at least two songs at a time – one chosen to practice technique, the other is the student’s choice.

Each voice is completely unique, based on the person’s physicality and personality.  Because of this, one person may like to sing the blues more than they like to sing classical music; but, the point of vocal technique is for the student’s voice to be free, no matter what they are singing.

Voice: $110 per hour lesson; $55 per half-hour lessons

Your First Lesson First Lessons for voice and acting are 15 minutes longer and cost $10 more. This extra time allows for the choosing of material to work on (in Voice it’s choosing songs, in Acting it’s choosing monologues). ALL first lessons require a paypal payment to confirm appointment time. After you have spoken with someone at Grace Music Studio NY and received an appointment time, CLICK BELOW to make the paypal payment for your first Lesson. Payment for your first lesson must be received 48 hrs prior to your lesson time, if payment is not received the appointment will not be held. Once Grace Music Studio NY/Julia Amisano has received the payment, you will receive an e-mail confirming your appointment. Paypal accepts debit and credit cards and you do not need a paypal account to send payment.

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