Buy aerial fabric for aerial silks. Low stretch or Medium stretch fabric.

Buy aerial fabric for aerial silks. Low stretch or Medium stretch fabric.

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LOW STRETCH: Dimensions -     120" W ; Material -    nylon tricot ; Strength Rating -    2,000+ lbs

MEDIUM STRETCH: Dimensions -     60" W ; Material -    poly blend interlock ; Strength Rating -    2,000+ lbs

If you want a CUSTOM LENGTH - choose "CUSTOM LENGTH" option, and set the length (in YARDS) in QTY. **IE - "QTY: 32" Will give you 32 yards of fabric.


Available colors: Aqua, Magenta, Royal Blue, Gold, Ivory, Red, Green, Hot Pink, Purple, White, Black.

Our low stretch aerial fabric is recommended for beginning aerialists but is preferred by beginners and professionals alike for ease of climbing and solid wraps. They are machine washable and should be dried on medium/low heat. Please, only use front loading washing/drying machines with aerial fabric.

Many studios will also refer to this fabric as "non stretch" but it does have some give and we believe "non stretch" is a misnomer. It is 120" wide and made from 100% nylon tricot. It has a shiny finish, catches the light beautifully, and is a great performance fabric. This low stretch fabric is ideal for aerial yoga hammocks and slings as well. We do not recommend using the medium stretch fabric for hammocks as it is not wide enough.

For more info on choosing the right fabric, watch this video. The first fabric demonstrated is our low stretch fabric.


Colors available: Teal, Red, Purple, Light Blue, Gold, Royal Blue, White, Black, Plum, Coral.

This medium stretch aerial fabric is often used by more experienced performers and professional aerialists. The extra stretch provides a great bounce for larger drops and skills. We do not believe this fabric is necessary for large drops, not is is preferered by all advanced aerialists at all. We have simply found that beginners do not tend to enjoy learning on medium stretch fabric as much.

The medium stretch fabric is 60" wide and made from 70 denier interlock. This fabric has a nice matte finish and vibrant, fade-resistant colors. They are also machine washable and should be dried on Medium/low heat. Please use front loading washers/dryers with aerial fabric.

For more info on choosing the right fabric, watch this video. The second fabric demonstrated is our medium stretch fabric.

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