Aerial Straps Harware

Aerial Straps Harware

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Setting up straps has never been easier. This setup gives you everything you need for dual line rotation within your performance which is necessary for straps (or Trapeze, Net, Chains, Hammock or any two point apparatus hanging from a single rig point)

The set includes three swivels, six connectors & One spreader Plate. You also get to choose your carabiner type, or shackles if you prefer.

This complete setup is recommended for advanced trapeze and hammock acts, and is essential for aerial-straps routines and chains.

With a swivel on each line as well as one for the whole setup this allows for the most versitility and movement in your performance. Without individual line swivels you will have twisted trapeze ropes, straps, and messy performances.

SETUP W/ CARABINERS: Assembled Length     25" ; Strength Rating     36kn ; Total Weight     4lbs SETUP W/ SHACKLES: Assembled Length     18" ; Strength Rating     36kn ; Total Weight     2lbs

Available options: Straps Hardware, Carabiner Color.

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All our equipment has been tested and proven by industry professionals around the globe. We strive to maintain the lowest prices without sacrificing strength or reliability.

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