Aluminium fabrication Auckland

Aluminium fabrication Auckland

  • 29.06.2020
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Price: 45
Address: 28 Tui St, Otahuhu, Auckland 2024, New Zealand
Phone: [after registration]

At Otahuhu Engineering, we provide a full range of engineering design services in Auckland. We use the latest 2D and 3D CAD software, plus our engineers and technicians have extensive experience. We work on a wide range of projects too, from designing complex machines and equipment to designing component parts.

Our range of services includes concept development and, later in the process, prototype production. Developing workable prototypes helps ensure the design performs as expected. It also prevents errors from occurring late in the design process.

To ensure our engineering design services are efficient, we use an iterative design process and we adopt design for manufacturing principles.

We offer re-engineering services too, so can help if you want to improve performance, make adjustments, or enhance the working life of a machine.

To find out more about our engineering design services, please contact us on 09 276 6473.

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