Hurry to Receive Up to 7% off rs 3 gold for OSRS Ferox Enclave

Hurry to Receive Up to 7% off rs 3 gold for OSRS Ferox Enclave

Back in June’s Gielinor Gazette, we spoke about the Wilderness Hub, a new home for PvP in the heart of the Wilderness. This week that update goes live, and it’s called Ferox Enclave. Let’s take a tour!

New Wilderness Hub: OSRS Ferox Enclave

Ferox Enclave, also called the Wilderness Hub, is a new home for PvP in the heart of the Wilderness released on July 16th, 2020. When you’re in the Wilderness PvP area of Old School RuneScape, you’re probably eager to find any place that resembles a safe haven. In which case, you’ll be happy to see the Ferox Enclave, a frontier town hub that’s been added with the latest patch. This location features amenities like a bank, a pub, a chapel with rejuvenation pools, as well as lobbies for the Last Man Standing and Clan Wars minigames.

The town is a safe area within the Wilderness, meaning players cannot kill other players while within the boundaries of the town.

How to access the Ferox Enclave?

You can head to the Ferox Enclave via the following methods: -Use a ring of dueling OSRS to teleport here directly. -Use the Minigame Group Finder to teleport to Clan Wars minigames and the Last Man Standing. -Use a waka canoe to row here, requiring level 57 Woodcutting.

What can you do in OSRS Ferox Enclave?

Here are some features that you can enjoy within Ferox Enclave: 1. There is a banker and bank chest which can be found on the western end. 2. You can play the Clan Wars OSRS and Last Man Standing here. -The Castle Wars can be accessed from the Castle Wars portal on the eastern side of the Clan Wars building. -The free-for-all area of Clan Wars can be accessed from the Free-for-all portal on the western side of the Clan Wars building. 3. There is a chapel which contains an altar and Pools of Refreshment. 4. There is an entrance to Death's Office, which can be accessed outside the chapel. 5. There is a pub called The Old Nite. 6. There is a canoe station, which can be found on the eastern end.

In addition, this update has transformed High Risk worlds into Very High Risk worlds, which effectively means that PvP players will lose all of their items whether they’re unskulled or not. The Items Lost on Death interface and login messaging on these worlds have been updated to reflect the changes, so you can’t say you weren’t warned. Be careful!

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