Electric Scooter IPS Self-balancing Unicycle

Electric Scooter IPS Self-balancing Unicycle

  • 01.04.2015
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Address: Shenzhen, China
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Maximum speed: about 20 km / h Distance: about 20-25 km Battery: 132wh lithium-ion battery (battery protection board has balanced function) Applicable temperature: -10℃ ~40℃ The maximum load: 130Kg Charging voltage: AC220V 50-60Hz Charging time: about 60-90 minutes Battery: Samsung

Protection measures: Roll protection: left and right are 40 degrees (more than 40 degrees, the motor stops running) The speed limit protection: more than 12kg/h (front end opening pedal gradually lifted, prevent acceleration) Low battery protection: open the surplus electricity at about 10% (front of the pedal is lifted, gradual deceleration stop)

The appearance of weight: Size:14inch Size: High: 450mm, length: 395mm, Width: 160mm Pedal distance from the ground: 113mm Tire size: 360mm diameter weight :  9.8Kg DIY: Supported,UK flag or America flag....



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