Booking Singer Songwriter Di.Diamond Band Trio `Theatre`

Booking Singer Songwriter Di.Diamond Band Trio `Theatre`

  • 20.01.2017
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We are electro trio band "Theatre".

“Theatre” Formed (Di.Diamond vocal Vladimir Revitsky guitar and DJ Ispanets)

“Theatre” : This is a very creative new-fashion work with electronic music. Great play DJ, soulful and strong male and female vocals and virtuoso guitar playing. In such an interesting statement began working pop icon Madonna opened our time so completely different new sound of electronic music. This trio is very creative professional musicians playing their original music written Di.Diamond in collaboration with a many of very talented and professional producers from Europe and U.S.A in the style of EDM , Trance, Pop Dance , House and Sound pop.

In our musical Arsenal is the main thing that will make Your holiday a romantic and exciting for every guest your Hotel ,Casino . Glad to acquaint You with the thery talanted singer Di. Diamond. The basic direction - quality live performance hits with all original songs from the repertoire. In Style EDM Dance Trance House Music. She is vulnerable and delicate and bold. Emotional, bright singer will leave nobody indifferent. You will be able to find the way to his own soul and begin, at last, to call their own feelings real names. A unique singer, creativity, which harmoniously combines the wealth of feelings and modern musical world perception. Her life force is fascinating and it's confusing. Di.Diamon has an incredibly beautiful voice and tremendous power. She will present amazing and bright impressions. Special originality and warmth of the evening will live vocals. For You Di.Diamon sing variety of songs from her original wide repertoire. The musical accompaniment of the every evening in your Hotel ,Casino will be delightful. The performance of this singer harmoniously combine a lyrical emotion and the incredible dynamic rhythm. The professional team Di.Daimond Dj Ispanets and Guitar Player V.Revitsky with amazing DJ and Guitar playing and the charm of vocalist will be able to enjoy the audience of any level.

That is why the best way to turn in your Hotel, Casino into a bright and memorable for all is to take the opportunity to invite The Band Theatre!!!!


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