Most Trusted Crypto Currency Talk Social Media Application

Most Trusted Crypto Currency Talk Social Media Application

CrypTalks is social media application that allow crypto users to connect with each others and share information on cryptocurrency and bitcoin through talking web application.

CrypTalks is a social media app, created to give all types of people the ability to share their views and their vision of the cryptocurrency world. CrypTalks also gives users the ability to trade digital coins directly, with no middleman. The idea behind the App is to facilitate communication between crypto enthusiasts and CrypTalks is all about the people

CrypTalks gives users the ability to post their trade offers and request payment by one of the following means: cash, credit card or bank transfer.

The CrypTalks app is the only social media network where you can be sure that you know who you are talking to.

We see the security of our users' personal details and their protection against scammers is our religion.

For this aim, we invented the I AM WHO I SAY I AM badge. The badge is a logo that clarifies that the user has confirmed their details with the CrypTalks support team.

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