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Address: Italy, USA
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Ironic began in 2002 in Rome, Italy as a freelance consultancy in the entertainment industry offering representation and promotional services to a variety of artists (actors, composers, fencing master, designers, etc.).  In addition, Ironic offered events organization including film, music and theater festivals, as well as targeted promotion, marketing and communication programs for creative projects.


Ironic Music Booking Agency represents one of the widest selections of artists around. If we do not have what you are looking for, we are certain we can find it for you. We’ve added a very easy searchable database, categorized by musical genre, so you don’t have to scroll through our entire roster, which is vast and always growing. Be sure to check back often to see what Ironic has to offer…


As Ironic grew, it began to offer pre-production research and coordination, as well as production management services, specializing in foreign productions shooting in Italy, as well as foreign productions interested in shooting in MA including: film (features, shorts), TV, educational videos and documentaries. In 2011 Ironic launched a music booking agency. Ironic is proud to distinguish itself from the ‘average’ booking agent as we are licensed (in MA – a requirement in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts) and we also provide proactive promotional services focused on social media marketing and networking.

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