Your super highway to build better Roads

Your super highway to build better Roads

Kaushik Engineering is a reputable manufacturer and leading exporter of Construction Equipment, including Road Construction Equipment such as Asphalt Drum Mix Plants or hot mix plants, Mobile Drum Mix Plants, Wet Mix Macadam Plants, Bitumen Pressure Distributor or Bitumen Sprayers, Paver Finisher, and Road Sweepers. We also manufacture Concrete Equipment such as the Concrete Batching Plants. We place the utmost importance on quality and transparency, which is why we follow the best practices and have zero tolerance to errors. Our in-house testing laboratories include sophisticated testing equipment to assess the quality of the products and ensure they are reliable. We are dedicated to providing accurate solutions to all the needs of our customers pertaining to construction equipment.

We are ISO 9001:2008 (TUV) certified.

We have the expertise with 15+ years of experience.

We offer excellent quality products.

All our equipment are tested & reliable.

Our construction equipment are affordable.

We have a competent and experienced staff.

We adhere to both, International and National Standards.

We believe in providing the best solutions.

Why would you hesitate to work with us now?

ISO 9001:2008 Certification

The ISO 9001:2008 (TUV) certification ensures the following:

Organizational efficiency

Good management practices

A comprehensive approach to the construction process

Ability to meet customer’s requirements

Supreme product quality

Minimized consumer risk in all aspect


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