I guess the`decent amount of time is relative for each player`

I guess the`decent amount of time is relative for each player`

P.D. I really do agree with creating the leveling a bit faster, but NCsoft has proven many times they can not restrain their greed and if they are provided a small excuse, they will fill the game in the first two weeks with P2W stuff.

I can definitely see where you're coming out, but I'm convinced that it will be far from'too' easy. It's still going to have a month or two at minimum for casual players to reach max level, even when they are playing everyday.

I recall launch had dual xp weekends also every 1 - two weekends (EU did anyway), and it was excruciatingly slow. I hope there'll be a mix of people reaching 50 within a month that know the game inside out and also have a great deal of free time, along with others who take 2-3 months playing or maybe spending time on crafting/gathering abilities instead.

I believe we're all skeptical of their cash shop and battle pass, we'll have to see how it plays out and hope they do not start allowing people to pay for free AP crowns.

People who whine about such thing is going to be the very same men and women who will leave the game 1 month after launching since they had sufficient getting their ass clapped by real jobless tryharder farming them everytime they step out of a city (or even getting farmed inside a city).

Depends in class too. And most likely not, but I can see why even to a normal player the exp grind can become very old and bothersome.

I guess the"decent amount of time is relative for each player" anyhow I just hope they don't make it so you can reach LVL 50 in two weeks, I want to enjoy the older days a little before they slaughter the classic too

From what I've heard talking to KR gamers, it is basically"the rate of leveling in 2.7 but minus some of the articles (such as solo instances) that make it quite fast" I would call it a solid upgrade from 1.x without making it fly by if it is true.As a variety gamer I played pretty much all of the launch in the past 15 decades. If you create me name a top 10 most of these will probably be matches 10 years of age. Old matches had charm, were more difficult, much more engaging. That's why people return to older games. It is not only the nostalgia.

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