Online Day Trading Account Requirements | Cobra Trading

Online Day Trading Account Requirements | Cobra Trading

  • 13.08.2021
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Understand the requirements for your trading account for initial and monthly maintenance.

Cobra Trading is all about an extreme focus on customer service and a belief in doing what’s right for our traders.

Cobra Trading offers sophisticated trading tools and unparalleled support to competitive day traders who want to capitalize on every opportunity by trading faster and more efficiently. Unlike other online brokers, we are committed to the idea that a highly proactive and responsive Support Team can be the secret weapon for elite traders with aggressive strategies. Since 2004, we’ve been perfecting our product and providing our clients with an unrivaled high-touch service!

DAS Trader offers advanced order types, basket trading, charting, and multi-account management in a real-time environment. DAS combines powerful features such as advanced analytics, multi-instrument trading, and portfolio management into a single trading platform.

Sterling Trader is one of the leading direct-access trading platforms for trading equities and options. The platform is fully customizable to the needs of individual traders to deliver a singular, exceptional trading experience.

Cobra TraderPro is our most cost-conscious platform. Based on the Sterling Trader framework, the platform is loaded with features without sacrificing any of the features needed for active traders or investors. The Cobra TraderPro platform offers real-time Level 2 market data, advanced charting, hot keys, and a short locate monitor.


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