Prior to setting my primary at 144hz

Prior to setting my primary at 144hz

However in doing so I upgraded to a bigger main monitor which meant that my GPU was now able to handle an increase in pixels both at that high refresh rate. So my GPU, which was fine in the past for an application as simple as Classic WoW but was now having to put in the work. It wasn't up to the task.

I noticed that , even with all addons disable, no regardless of what version of DX I selected, whether I turned VSync would be on or off and no matter it was that my GPU was reaching its limit, the game would exhibit some level of flickering at times. With all the lush vegetation and zones such as Nagrand the GPU of my computer would be pushed to 100%, eventually leading to it being throttled.

It seems WoW doesn't like my GPU throttle. Even though my CPU wasn't sweating, I could see the flickering of my GPU when it was running at its maximum. The flickering was made worse by additional add-ons.

My game's FPS limit was set to 60. This made my gaming more enjoyable. It kinda sucks because after playing at a higher refresh rate you can tell that your returning to 60, however it's much better than the flickering I had been dealing with.

After changing my settings, however I still saw some flickering. I was thinking that the GPU was the culprit, but I was convinced that was not the case. My GPU could not be able to handle other games. However, I do require an upgraded GPU at some point just since it's time to do an upgrade. (I was planning to upgrade my GPU, but ...) but I believe that the GPU is in good shape. There are no problems with the hardware.

My issue is not due to Windows 10's outdated DWM, Desktop Window Manager, or refresh rate code. Therefore, when WoW was running on my primary monitor had to sync its rate with the level that my GPU was able to do, which was typically not at 144 FPS, it could then run into an issue. My second monitor was working fine as it was set to the 144hz. The DWM would cause flashing and also drop frames on my main screen.

Prior to setting my primary at 144hz and my secondary at 60hz I didn't even notice it since DWM in my ignorance I was locked at 60, which is what it was. There was still flickering sometimes, but I noticed that any solution that resolved the issue eventually led to my in-game FPS falling to 60.

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