You should wear the same color as the ore they`re mining

You should wear the same color as the ore they`re mining

Do something outrageous that attracts attention to you. If the person doesn’t respond to your request, they're either crazy or dumb. Try hitting the person with an egg carrot or throwing snowballs towards them in order to see if they respond. If they do not respond, increase your suspicion the meter by four. Assess their score. If their suspicion gauge is zero, they are probably not bots, however it could be. If the suspicion meter is reading 1, they are likely to be easily-manipulated humans. If the suspicion meter is 2, they are maybe a bot, but then again might not be. If the suspicion meter reads 3, they're probably afk or have public off, but it is possible that they are an actual bot. They are most likely a bot when their suspicion meter is reading 4. But there isn't enough evidence to prove that it is.

The readings on their suspicion meters of 6-10 indicate that they are likely to be botting. However, it's recommended not to make a hasty conclusion. If the suspicion meter of theirs is 11 or higher, they are definitely an automated system and you must immediately report them, unless what they are doing does not harm you in any way, which is highly unlikely even if they have a score regardless.

What should you do if you suspect they're bot? First, you need to notify them. Do not ignore them until you log out. If they begin to talk do not ignore it. If they lead you through any gates or doors that can be closed, shut them in order to confuse. Drop junk items onto the squares that they click. This will reduce their speed by adding more to their inventory, resulting in more frequent banking trips and less annoyance for you.

You should wear the same color as the ore they're mining or the trees or flax they are harvesting. You can lure them into danger zones or to make them stay away from your property. The majority of modern bots aren't stupid, however, so this strategy isn't always efficient.

It is possible to put marker seeds on squares that they click. There are some macros that follow a specific pattern of clicking. If something gets in their way, it might distract them by a couple of millimeters... which can cause them to not be in the correct areas. It is possible to place your pet or familiar summoning in the places that they may be clicking as if they were on flax. This will either confuse them or at least prevent them from taking the item.

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