The reason here is that your endeavoring to accompany RuneScape

The reason here is that your endeavoring to accompany RuneScape

I have 7 RS Member Accounts that I received as a gift from an other forum. I'm thinking to run a contest, however, do I have permission to offer giveaways of RS accounts? If yes, which board should I make it? I would say it's dependent on the exact plan you have to do.

Are you able to offer an original RuneScape account? This is an account trade and is deemed RWT in the rules of Jagex, which we adhere to. Is it possible to give away the subscription code of an unpaid card purchased in shops? Perhaps, check out the following article to find out more.

If you plan to give away pre-paid cards It isn't permitted if you ask people to offer anything in exchange for the code. This can include but isn't limited to, offering you in-game items, giving you money in real life or even having them click on links (and similar programs) in order to get an offer to refer you somewhere. In fact, requiring the players to do anything other than just quietly receive the code is not allowed.

If you're discussing an open-sign-up subject where people can sign up, and then draw random names , and then send the winners the code (with none of the strings or without any other information) This would be considered to be acceptable.

A donation from a charity is perfectly fine. Trade of favours, however is not. We're talking about subscription codes. I have seven subscription codes (I think I have them, but I'll have to verify) which I haven't used so I thought of giving it away to those of you who can't afford one.

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