WOWclassicgp Supply Up to 9% off wow classic gold US to Celebrate New Year

WOWclassicgp Supply Up to 9% off wow classic gold US to Celebrate New Year

In World of Warcraft Classic obtaining the best gear is a major goal of cheap wow classic gold many players. Certain gear can aid in certain quests and battling various enemies in the game world. The play in PVP is also different from the other expansions of WOW in WOW Classic.In PVP play, players can obtain different types of gear through their rank in the game. Some of this gear is a reward for achieving certain levels in the game. Others are based on the Honor System, which is dependent on the player’s class and alliance.

Purchasing Rewards

Some PVP gear is awarded for gaining a specific rank in WOW Classic. These rewards can be purchased for gold after achieving a specific rank in the game. These can be purchased in the Champions Hall for Alliance players, and the Hall of Legends for those playing with the Horde.

Other rewards in the game can be purchased by gaining reputation points in Battleground play. These rewards are faction-specific and can be purchased from vendors outside of the battleground areas.

Rank Specific Rewards

Players can purchase certain rewards based on their rank. Players collect honor points by completing Battlegrounds and achieving honorable kills. These honor points are then converted to rank points each Sunday.Players must have at least 25 honorable kills each week to be eligible to move up in rank. These weekly points add up to possibly move up to the next rank in PVP.It should also be noted that players total honor points decreases by 20%, so it is possible to lose a rank, or remain stuck in one rank.

The following are rank specific rewards for players:

Rank 1- (Private/Scout) Tabard

Rank 2- (Corporal/Grunt) Team insignia trinket

Rank 3- (Sergeant/Sergeant) Superior-quality cloak. Players also get a 10% discount on goods and repairs from faction NPCs.

Rank 4- (Master Sergeant/Senior Sergeant) Superior-quality necklace

Rank 5- (Sergeant Major/First Sergeant) Superior-quality bracers

Rank 6- (Knight/Stone Guard) access to officers barracks, tabard, and potions

Rank 7-(Knight-Lieutenant/ Blood Guard) Superior-quality boots and gloves

Rank 8- (Knight-Captain/ Legionnaire) Superior-quality chest armor and leggings

Rank 9- (Knight-Champion/ Centurion) battle standard

Rank 10- (Lieutenant Commander/ Champion) Superior-quality helm and shoulder armor

Rank 11- (Commander/ Lieutenant General) Commander’s epic mount

Rank 12- (Marshal/ General)Epic-quality chest armor, leggings, and boots

Rank 13- (Field Marshal/Warlord) Epic-quality helm, shoulder armor, and gloves

Rank 14- (Grand Marshal/High Warlord) Epic-quality weapon and shield

Only one player can have rank 14 (Grand Marshal/High Warlord) per week. They gain this rank by having the most points for that week. Gaining Honor Points (HP) and Contribution Points (CP)

Honor points are based on the level of the players and you kill. To gain an honorable kill, the players must be within eleven points of each other. For instance, a player at level 60, kills on players level 49 or higher counts as honorable kills. Anything lower than that will not add HP for the player.

Contribution points (CP) are measured by how much a player contributes to the overall gameplay of their PVP group. Not all player levels are spread out equally. For instance, a level 60 player who is new to PVP will not yield as much CP as a player of lower rank that has played PVP for a while. Weekly CP is used to measure a character’s ranking for that week.

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