Hot News:1500 wow classic gold for sale with Free will come for Mages in WOW classic! Ready?

Hot News:1500 wow classic gold for sale with Free will come for Mages in WOW classic! Ready?

Mages are the best ranged DPS class in WoW Classic. Sporting absorbing PvE DPS from the start, due to able talents such as Elemental Precision Icon Elemental Precision, Mages are aswell abounding of tricks, including Polymorph Icon Polymorph, Blink Icon Blink and Ice Block Icon Ice Block, which are advantageous just like wow gold classic in PvE and incomparable for PvP, if in the calmly of a master. Here are some WoW Classic Mages tips for you.

1. If you are low on HP and adjoin a warrior (witch is hardly anytime the case as mages pwn warriors XD ) and he ancestor spell reflect hit em with bigmouth that way you get pollied and you get alot of HP. Usually the warrior will stop and alpha application bandages actuality and it will acquiesce you to get abounding HP. Its acceptable to be frost blueprint actuality that way as anon as you get abounding HP you can Ice block out and hit him with blaze bang to stop his bandages.

2. Blizzard in bound courters. This will apathetic you opponents and acquiesce your band to aces them off calmly (casters mainly). This ambush should be acclimated in Eye if your aggregation is aggravating to accretion the banderole and the oposing aggregation is advancing up on you, it will acquiesce your FC to get some advance on the banderole acknowledgment and it will stop accuse from warriors (untill they accretion abundant acerbity and ambush)

3. Dont run into a big mob and alpha AE'ng everyone, i see it ALOT and it draws to abundant absorption appear you witch will alone accident your team, and get you dead fast. It should alone be acclimated as a endure resourt never an antecedent attack.

4. Use flamestricke to bare hidden enemies( i usually use a lower rank for added backbone conserve but its up to you.) I use this mainly if there is a action traveling on mid acreage and you are way aback and noticable, i accumulate flamstrike about me so rogues and druids acant bastard up on me. You can aswell use it about ple that are aggressive that way they do not get ambushed by a agglomeration of stunlick rogues and it will accord em a adventitious to avert themselves.

5. Sheep, Sheep, Sheep. I see ALOT of mages out there blank sheep adeptness if there is a huge action acceptance healers to healbot there players and wiping us. Sheep is an alarming adeptness and is not alone acclimated for PVE.

6. Mages stealth adeptness is GREAT for amphitheatre battles, abnormally if you are a 3min mage you can bastard up on there healer ( they usually accept one) and yield em out with a brace shots abrogation them accessible for a beating.

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