Most Worthy Gift for New Year:Up to 8% off world of warcraft classic gold Jan.21-Feb.4

Most Worthy Gift for New Year:Up to 8% off world of warcraft classic gold Jan.21-Feb.4

Blizzard provides rewards for those who have pre-ordered Shadowlands. To celebrate the release of Visions of N’Zoth, these players can use all races to create wow classic gold for sale the death knight after the update is complete, including the old race and the new ally race, even Pandaren.

There are no restrictions on creating death knights with Pandaren, you can create them immediately after the update is complete. However, to create death knights of other races, you must first meet the corresponding unlocking conditions. You need to complete a series of special achievement tasks and reach the specified level of reputation in the corresponding race.

The old race death knights will be born at Archerus the Ebon Hold, and they still exist as servants of the Lich King Arthas. Pandaren and the death knights of the Alliance race will be reborn in new places, where they are under the Lich King Bolvar. They need to complete a series of tutorial tasks provided by Bolvar to become heroes of Azeroth and choose to join the Horde or Alliance.

Not only that, all death knights who complete the tutorial mission will also get the iconic class mount-Archerus Deathcharger. At the same time, all ally races will get additional race mounts, and Pandaren can only buy race-specific mounts from merchants.

The development team has also updated the visual effects for all death knights in this update. Whether you are a death knight created a long time ago or a newly created death knight, you can see the weird blue light in their eyes, This design was inspired by the Lich King Arthas. Looking into the eyes of the death knight, you feel the cold as in Northrend.

Players' first encounter with the Death Knight is in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. They are melee fighters whose main attributes are strength and endurance. They can quickly recover their injuries while causing a lot of damage to the enemy, which is the soul core of the undead legion.

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