Old School RuneScape Twisted League Already Came To An End

Old School RuneScape Twisted League Already Came To An End

Just yesterday, the first iteration of Old School RuneScape, the Twisted League came to an end, which first started on November 14, 2019. In the past few months, players have enjoyed the content throughout the new game mode, also known as the restriction, and gained the Relics, League Points, and rs3 gold .

Once ending, we can finally make time to review what happened during this period.The Twisted League is not the only one of OSRS League, all of which are good at mixing up the usual gameplay of popular MMO titles, causing a brand new experience for players, along with the new task list.

Generally speaking, the league is a form in which developers want to add new content to OSRS, requiring players to complete various tasks void of stats or items to bring new dynamic, but the league will not affect the game record of original OSRS. All leagues are separate, that is, the achievement or reputation can only be shown in one.

While in the Twisted League, its requirement is that players can only complete tasks in two restricted areas, Great Kourend and Kebos Lowlands, and gain rewards. Once someone appeared outside, he has to be teleported back to the respawn point and start again.

Beyond the regional restrictions, players were still given more rights, for example, gaining more from certain shops with more stock faster, or being allowed to complete tasks that are banned in OSRS game.Since OSRS leagues are associated with restrictions, they also put forward some requirements to allow players to complete tasks faster. While playing the Twisted League, you are definitely not strange to it.

For example, you can only get certain items or skills after the task during every OSRS league, whether it is an ordinary or rare one.However, not all tasks and challenges are easy to complete. In the Twisted League, the tasks are divided into different levels, Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite and Master, you can choose different ones based on the abilities at will, correspondingly, the harder and more tasks you complete, the higher league points you could get.

Throughout the Twisted League, what impressed me the most was countless tasks, and I had to complete most of them to unlock the relics and improve my character.Equally important is OSRS Gold, I remember that I used to spend more than half of my game time earning Gold, but this still does not meet my daily needs for purchasing equipment. So I found a store called RS3gold and bought a lot of Cheap RS Gold from it.

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