Buy Cyr Wheel for acrobatic performance

Buy Cyr Wheel for acrobatic performance

  • 06.03.2015
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Buy Cyr Wheel for acrobatic performance from CIRCUS BY US


aluminum construction with clear PVC coating (skin) Standart 3 Pieces or 5 pieces Diameter: 63"(160cm) / 67"(170cm) / 71"(180cm) /75" (190cm) / 80" (200cm) Wheel thickness with coating 1 5/8" Approx. 30 Lbs. (13 kg.).

The Cyr Wheel is used in a similar way to a German wheel but as it is just a single hoop there is less space to work with and more chance to catch your hands. We therefore recommend this for professionals only.

PVC layer to provide grip on shiny/slippery surfaces. The whole product includes 3-5 sections, bolts and an Allen key.

Size guide is to go for a Cyr Wheel with an internal diameter that is 3" to 6" (7.6cm to 15.2cm) taller than you are. Personal preference and style are a factor though. Relative to your height, smaller wheels are faster and less forgiving whereas larger wheels are slower and easier to use.

Professional performance quality We accept requests for different sizes and colors. Made in the USA

Visit website for more information and shipping details.


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