Professional rigging equipment for circus performance

Professional rigging equipment for circus performance

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Price: 2750
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Address: United States of America
Website address: is a very big website with all kinds of circus equipment and props. Equipment prices from $90 to $30000 and custom work is available. You can find portable, free standing, indoor, backyard equipment. Each product with datailed description, images and video. The price will be shown right away and shipping costs for orders outside of US will be added during checkout process.

  • Free shipping withinthe 48 States
  • Orders can be shipped to most countries
  • Just enter your shipping address to see final price with shipping cost to your country

Here you can buy:

Pull Up Bars

Standard Pull-up Bar All-in-One Pull-up Bar Elite XL Pull-up Bar


Aerial Hoop / Lyra Aerial Net Single Trapeze Portable Tightrope


Full Size Trapeze Indoor Rigging Free Standing Rigging Backyard Free Standing

Juggling and Twirling

Hula Hoops Juggling Cube Juggling Square

Custom Work

Custom-design from Trevor Boswell Productions

Professional equipment made by professional performer since 2003

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