Also, assuming the game has auto-run/a way

Also, assuming the game has auto-run/a way

Nothing wrong with the images. Additionally aion has a lot of little details based on the weather and temperatures that no other mmo has.

I will be straight up with you, there isn't much pve content, and what is there is not great, more of an afterthought. It's a grind, but classic has a much reduced grind compared to launch. I really like Warhammer also, the games have been similar content wise.

AION has commonly been commended as having the very best PvP out of any tab targetting MMO. The battle feels fucking amazing and there are numerous things in the game that ease PvP, such as Rifts (where you can go in the enemy faction's land ) and amazing Sieges.

I played , admittedly wayyyy longer at DAoC and it was the only sport possibly bar Warhammer which came near DAoC PvP, just frontier design areas which is open PvP. Shame there are not any EU servers or might give it another go.

I'm a massive DAOC and Warhammer enthusiast, also Aion is the only game that comes close to people in terms of your options for PVP. If you like those games you'll love Aion classic, no wonder. You'll discover that combat is really better in Aion.

Fans of this sport at start will flood the servers, in actuality, I promise they have one more server to twist on launch day. Aion classic has a huge built in fan base that has been simmering for its return for the past decade.

Nitpicking, but he's referring to the way the open world zones are instanced and you can't just walk from 1 zone into another but need to fly, teleport, or use a portal. Compare that to WoW in which about the continents you can walk from one to another because it's all linked.

Not at all. Among people who have played both, Aion is broadly regarded as having the best tab target combat of any sport period. This is absolutely not the first time I've seen somebody make such a claim.

My dude, examine the videos. They're spamming spacebar through the battles like their life depended on it, but it is a tab targetting game, so would not leaping around like a coked up bunny do nothing?

Believe u might be right! In that case... Together momentum u do more dmg and while in mid air u get your hand free for additional keybinds/skills, as long as u are in the atmosphere you keep going the same direction.

Also, assuming the game has auto-run/a way to move with the mouse and move the camera, why don't you just do this and you've got a hand free to use your abilities? It is exactly what I do in both WoW and FFXIV in order to get a hand completely free for my skills.

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