Splashdown Eaves

Splashdown Eaves

  • 07.01.2019
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Address: 17653 114 Ave, NW Edmonton AB, T5S 2R9
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Splashdown Eaves has been operating in the Edmonton marketplace since 2003. The president of Splashdown has been personally involved in the eavestrough business for in excess of 25+ years. Our philosophy is to provide a service that offers quality products and workmanship at a fair price. This has resulted in our business enjoying strong growth with an increasing client list, which includes home builders, siding, roofing and restoration contractors, as well as individual homeowners. Today we operate 8 eavestrough trucks, equipped with continuous roll-form machines and crews that are experienced in this trade. We make an extra effort to service our customers by keeping one of our trucks and crew focused on small jobs and last-minute repairs that are so often required in the construction business. We carry liability insurance and are in good standing with WCB. All crews are safety trained on OH&S requirements and are equipped with high quality fall protection gear.


17653 114 Ave, NW Edmonton AB, T5S 2R9

(780) 487-6844


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