Il Chiostro, Inc. Arts, Culture and Culinary workshops across Italy

Il Chiostro, Inc. Arts, Culture and Culinary workshops across Italy

  • 26.12.2014
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Address: 23 W. 73rd Street #306, New York, NY 10023, United States
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Ilchiostro - Offering art workshops in Painting, Photography, Fiction Writing, Cooking, Singing, Poetry, Creativity, Yoga. We have been organizing workshops in Italy: Tuscany, Venice, Lake Garda, Bologna Rome and Sardinia since 1995.

Il Chiostro (meaning "the cloister" in Italian) organizes arts, culinary and personal development workshops in Italy. We`ve been doing this since 1995 because we love Italy and want to bring what we see as the authentic spirit of Italy and Italians to our guests.

People who travel with Il Chiostro tell us that they feel like they are staying with friends who live in Italy. We look for authentic, intimate venues that will allow people to feel a part of the real Italy. We provide food and wine that the local people eat.

Once you have completed an Il Chiostro workshop, we like to maintain the family ties.  Every year we offer the opportunity for all of our alumni to exhibit their artwork at a gallery in New York City.  This year the exhibit is LUCE: the Magic of Italian Light presented at the Calumet Gallery in Chelsea, NY from March 24-April 7th.  Join us at the artists` reception on Saturday, March 29th.

We hope that this will be the year that you find yourself in Italy with Il Chiostro.

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